Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

Insuring Champions

For those of you who sent us a referral in the month of February, Thank You! Everyone who got a quote from G2 Insurance in February was entered into our contest to win free insurance for a year if UW or MU WON a national championship. Unfortunately, neither Wisconsin or Marquette could make it past the Sweet 16. Frankly, I think everyone is a little surprised by the teams that did make the final four. We had alot of fun with the contest and helped out some new friends, so if the opportunity presents itself we will keep doing fun things like this in the future. At least you can watch me make a fool of myself on video!

Client Specials

The very first newsletter I did we got a client and fellow tenant of our building, Squeeze Studio Fitness, to run a special for just our clients. (If you ask Shannon really nice she may still honor it too) In that first email I also said I would try to find more clients willing to share their services or products with you at a discount and I found another volunteer The Venice Club on Calhoun Rd in Brookfield. The owner Antoinette has agreed to a deal for clients of G2 Insurance! I love the food at The Venice Club, if you have never tried the deep fried eggplant you are really missing out! Rather than just attach a coupon that people can use over and over we do need to limit the number of coupons that get sent out. So if you would like to try out The Venice Club or if you simply want to go back, just email me asking for your free coupon. I will email you a numbered coupon to take over and present for your discount! The coupon gives you $5 off a $25 meal or $10 off a $50 meal. Full details are on the coupon. Enjoy!

Good Dog

We get a number of questions each year asking us about dogs and insurance. The most common question is what dogs do insurance companies not want to cover. While every company is different, I can tell you almost every company will say no to the following breeds; pit bull, rottweiler, wolf hybrid, akita, chow, presa-canario, shar-pei or dogs with previous bite history. Now, I am a dog lover, below is a picture of my big dumb lovable lab Jake(and son Connor), and I really do believe it is the owner that makes the dog but unfortunately there are a number of bad owners who have ruined things for those good dogs. The second most common question I get is, what happens if my dog bites somebody? The good news is your personal liability from your home, condo or renters policy does cover your dog's actions. Unfortunately, once a dog does bite someone insurance companies get very nervous because if a dog known to have bitten a person bites another person, the damages are double! So make sure you keep your furry family member on a leash or in a fenced in yard to help avoid any potential problems.


So last month I put a trivia question at the end of the newsletter just for fun and got a great response. So I thought I would keep it rolling. While I would have much preferred to have a question about UW or MU making the final four, it wasn't in the cards. But I must admit the NCAA tournament has been interesting this year! Here is the question: Name the mascots of this year's final four teams. Again the first 3 winners will receive a G2 Insurance gift pack. Good Luck!

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 2011 Newsletter

What is an ice Dam?

Every year we get questions about water seeping in at the roof line and as a result, we have the same conversation a number of times. The conversation usually involves the explanation of what an ice dam is and how one forms. So I thought it might be useful for people to see how an ice dam actually forms and why it is so important to get a roof rake and remove the snow from your roof. Here is a great picture of what an ice dam is:

The one thing this picture is missing is the gutter at the bottom of the roof that is usually the cause of the snow and ice backing up and freezing in the first place. Hopefully the ice dams are behind us this winter, but if you experience any damage please give us a call to start your claim.

I don't need flood insurance, do I?

This is the other question we start getting right around this time of year. With all of the snow melting and the potential for some heavy rains coming in at the same time flooding can be a major problem. While home insurance policies can have coverage for sewer backup or sump pump overflow, there is no coverage for floods. The only place to buy flood coverage is through the national flood program offered by the federal government. The coverage is only for the first floor and above(personal property in basements is not covered) and the premium varies on whether you are in a flood zone or not. The good news is that if you are not in a flood zone the premium is pretty inexpensive, unfortunately if you are in a flood zone the premiums can get pretty crazy. Most mortgage companies will tell you if flood insurance is required when you buy your home, but it may be worth a phone call and free quote if you have never explored it. At the rate Wisconsin is going we will probably have another 100 year flood this year!

Last chance for FREE INSURANCE!

Last month I mentioned our contest for the month of February, where prospects could win free insurance for up to a year! The contest ends on Feb. 28, 2011 so let people know asap. You can get all of the details on www.insuringchampions.com

Super Bowl Trivia

Like most people in Wisconsin I watched with great joy as the Packer's won their 4th Super Bowl recently. I love sports and have been a Packer fan my whole life so it was pretty sweet to go from almost not making the playoffs to winning the whole thing! One interesting item I learned from the non-stop coverage leading up to the big game was a bit of team history. So I thought I would ask everyone a trivia question and the first 3 people to respond with the correct answer will win a G2 Insurance gift pack. Here is the question:

What does the "G" on the Green Bay Packer's helmet stand for?

January 2011 Newsletter

Christmas Gifts

Every year we have conversations with our clients about the new pieces of jewelry they need to add to the their policy. The conversation usually goes along these lines... CLIENT: Oh by the way I need to add a new piece of jewelry to our policy. US: Ok, when did you get the piece CLIENT: I actually got it as a Christmas gift, I just keep forgetting to call you and add it on. So in order to help everyone remember to give us a call now to add those items on I thought we would throw this little reminder in this month's newsletter and if you are not sure if it is worth adding on just give us a call to talk it over.

Texting Law

Everyone has probably heard that Wisconsin now has a texting law on the books and here are a few details on the law. "No person may drive any motor vehicle while composing or sending an electronic text message or an electronic mail message" The fine in Wisconsin for violating the law can range from $20 to $400, though the actual cost varies on who is processing the ticket. A ticket issued by a State Patrol will cost $187.90 while a ticket from Madison police will cost $101.40. Both result in four points on a Wisconsin driver's license. What's still allowed is very dangerous and demonstrates how limited the law is: *Talking on a cel phone, *Using a cel phone to dial a number, answer a call, scroll through an address book or use other features, *Sending a text message or email while stopped at a traffic light or stopped in congested traffic, *Reading a text message or browsing the internet while driving,&nbs p; *Using a GPS system and amateur radio devices while driving, *Sending a voice activated text message.
Source: State Patrol

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

On March 10, 2010, Governor Doyle signed into law Senate Bill 415, legislation that requires all homes to have carbon monoxide detectors beginning on February 1, 2011. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, poisonous gas which cannot be detected by human senses. Dubbed the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide claims more than 2,000 lives each year and sends more than 40,000 people to the emergency room in the U.S. alone. At high concentrations, carbon monoxide can be fatal within minutes. Twenty three other states already have laws requiring carbon monoxide alarms in residential properties.

This new law will expand the current carbon monoxide detector requirements to all one- and two-family homes and parallels requirements for smoke alarms for ease of installation. Specifically, this new law will require carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in the basement of the dwelling and on each floor level except the attic or storage area of both newly constructed and existing homes. For new construction, the alarms must be hard-wired in order to be current with national model safety codes. For existing homes, the alarms can be battery operated and can be multipurpose (smoke and carbon monoxide). Dwellings with no attached garages, no fireplaces and no fuel-burning appliances are exempted from this requirement.

Similar to the smoke alarm law, the new carbon monoxide detector law does not have a fine or penalty associated with non-compliance. However, all home inspections will be required to check for carbon monoxide alarms.
Last session, the legislature passed and Governor Doyle signed into law a measure requiring carbon monoxide detectors in all new and existing multifamily units. Beginning April 1, 2010, all existing multifamily units are required to have carbon monoxide detectors. Plug-in alarms are acceptable to comply with this new law in existing multifamily units

$750 Cash Prize

By now all of our Clients should now that we have a referral program and for each referral we give out $10 or $25 gas cards.($10 For personal insurance and $25 for businesses) The second part of the referral program is that at the end of each year we put the names of all the people who sent us referrals into a bag and draw out a name. That lucky winner then gets $750 in cash. We just did the drawing and this years winner is.....drum roll please.... Erma Goodman. I did a quick video for our Youtube channel with Erma and below a picture of Erma accepting the prize.

Free Insurance for a year?

Speaking of referrals, if you have someone in mind you may want to have them give us a call in February. The reason being, we plan on having a very unique contest in February. Since the people who send us referrals already get gas cards and a chance at a big cash prize we wanted to give our new prospects something more than great service and savings on their premiums. Here's the deal: If Marquette or Wisconsin wins the college basketball tournament title, G2 Insurance Services will give up to a free year of insurance coverage to fans who receive a policy quote during February. No purchase is required so even if the person doesn't buy a policy they could still win free insurance for up to a year. You can see the official rules and details or start a quote at www.insuringchampions.com. We are big college sports fans and thought it would be great if not only their team won but they won too!

December 2010 Newsletter Trivia!

Christmas Carols Quiz

Christmas is in the air and you just may find yourself humming a favorite Christmas Carol. But just how much do you know about these familiar tunes?
Find out with the following quiz.

1. Where was I when I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus?
2. What carol contains the line “O Tidings of Comfort and Joy?”
3. In the song Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, what did Grandma go get?
4. Who kept time with the Little Drummer Boy?
5. How many pipers piping did my true love send to me?
6. What carol contains the phrase, “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la?”
7. What carol is known as the counting song?
8. What carol demands figgy pudding?
9. What song was originally titled One Horse Open Sleigh?
10. What carol contains the line “Although it’s been said, many times, many ways?”
11. What carol contains the line ”Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me?”
12. Who first recorded Here Comes Santa Claus?
13. What song does a caroler sing outside of Scrooge’s office?
14. On every street corner you hear what song?
15. What was Brenda Lee doing around the Christmas Tree?
16. In Winter Wonderland, the love struck couple pretends a snowman is who?
1. On the Stairs
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. her medication
4. the ox and lamb
5. eleven
6. Deck the Halls
7. The Twelve Days of Christmas
8. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
9. Jingle Bells
10. The Christmas Song
11. A Holly Jolly Christmas
12. Gene Autry
13. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
14. Silver Bells
15. rockin’
16. Parson Brown

Christmas Move Quiz

1. In the 1988 film "Scrooged," the character played by Bill Murray is:
a) a cold-hearted banker
b) a cold-hearted TV executive
c) a cold-hearted police officer
d) a cold-hearted politician

2. What's the name of George Bailey's guardian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life?"
a) Ariel
b) Henry
c) Clarence
d) Frank

3. In "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey as a boy suffers an injury to:
a) his foot
b) his arm
c) his eyes
d) his ear

4. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is written by:
a) Tim Burton
b) Martin Scorsese
c) Jimmy Stewart
d) Danny DeVito

5. "White Christmas" is set in
a) Colorado
b) Montana
c) New Hampshire
d) Vermont
6. Who plays Bing Crosby's Army buddy in "White Christmas?"
a) Jimmy Stewart
b) Dean Martin
c) Danny Kaye
d) Bob Hope

7. The little girl who's skeptical about Santa Clause in "Miracle on 34th Street" is played by:
a) Natalie Wood
b) Audrey Hepburn
c) Anne Bancroft
d) Sharon Stone

8. Miracle on 34th Street revolves around which department store?
a) Bloomingdales
b) Macys
c) Parisian
d) Neiman Marcus

9. In "Home Alone," a young boy is abandoned when his parents rush to a holiday vacation in:
a) Vermont
b) London
c) Paris
d) New York

10. The 1982 Barry Levinson film "Diner" is set in which city?
a) New York
b) Cleveland
c) Baltimore
d) Boston

11. Which of the following actors was NOT in "Diner?"
a) Kevin Bacon
b) Ellen Barkin
c) Matt Dillon
d) Mickey Rourke

12.What happens to the character played by Tim Allen in "The Santa Clause?"
a) he gains weight
b) grows a beard
c) he gets fired
d) all of the above

1. - Answer - (b)
2. - Answer - (c)
3. - Answer - (d)
4. - Answer - (a)
5. - Answer - (d)
6. - Answer - (c)
7. - Answer - (a)
8. - Answer - (b)
9. - Answer - (c)
10. - Answer - (c)
11. - Answer - (c)
12. - Answer - (d)

November 2010 Newsletter

Should I raise my Home Insurance deductible?

At least 4 or 5 times a week we are asked the question, "Should I raise my Deductible?" During the current economy I think it is more important than ever to look at ways to save a few dollars and increasing your deductible is one of the easiest. Before we can decide what level you should have your deductible at, you need to ask yourself what deductible you are comfortable with, $250, $500, $1000 or higher? Once you decide what level you are comfortable with then we can look at what type of savings a higher deductible might provide. Generally speaking, going from one deductible to the next higher deductible will save about 10% of your home premium. While it is a good idea to see how long the savings might take to "payback" your deductible, you also need to consider the purpose of home insurance. Home insurance is designed for emerge ncies not minor maintenance. So if you are able to handle minor repairs yourself and can also afford $1000 in the event of a major event, then I say go with the higher deductible and save the money, even if the annual savings is only a minor amount.

Why do I need Liability for my small business?

The biggest mistake I see many small business owners make is they assume they don't need liability insurance. They think that because they run the business out of their home, like a daycare, or because it is such a minor amount of sales, like an in home sales business such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, they are covered by their home policy, this is not true. Your home insurance(or condo or renters) will not cover your liability for any businesses. The good news is most home businesses can be added on to a home policy for a very low premium, usually around $50 per year. If you run a business that is a little more involved you can buy a basic commercial liability policy starting around $200 per year. Either policy will give you at least $300,000 of liability coverage for any person who is accidentally injured on your property or because of your actions. While many people will say the chances of something happ ening are slim, it only takes one injury to create a lawsuit which could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Client Deals

One of the features we hope to have in every news letter is a deal we can offer to all of our clients. We recently mailed out a reminder letter to all of our clients about our referral program and at the bottom off that letter was a P.S. with the first deal we were able to secure for our clients. One of the tenants in our new building is Squeeze Studio Fitness, owned by Shannon Carney. Shannon has been very generous with an offer to all of our clients worth over $1000! You can see all of the details by watching a short video on our new Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/tgaumond. So if you are l ooking for a personal trainer or just a great place to work out check out the video and tell Shannon you want the G2 Insurance special when you call.

Crazy Claims

We hear some very interesting stuff when it comes to claims but luckily this was not one of our clients!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Gifts with any insurance quotes

Check out the second video I did for our new youtube channel. Any prospective client that gives me a copy of their policies will get a free gift from me. Just give me a call or shoot me an email to get the process going!

Introducing G2 Insurance Services, Inc.

Ever wondered who you were talking to when you call G2 Insurance? Wonder no more, check out the video from our new youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/tgaumond