Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

Insuring Champions

For those of you who sent us a referral in the month of February, Thank You! Everyone who got a quote from G2 Insurance in February was entered into our contest to win free insurance for a year if UW or MU WON a national championship. Unfortunately, neither Wisconsin or Marquette could make it past the Sweet 16. Frankly, I think everyone is a little surprised by the teams that did make the final four. We had alot of fun with the contest and helped out some new friends, so if the opportunity presents itself we will keep doing fun things like this in the future. At least you can watch me make a fool of myself on video!

Client Specials

The very first newsletter I did we got a client and fellow tenant of our building, Squeeze Studio Fitness, to run a special for just our clients. (If you ask Shannon really nice she may still honor it too) In that first email I also said I would try to find more clients willing to share their services or products with you at a discount and I found another volunteer The Venice Club on Calhoun Rd in Brookfield. The owner Antoinette has agreed to a deal for clients of G2 Insurance! I love the food at The Venice Club, if you have never tried the deep fried eggplant you are really missing out! Rather than just attach a coupon that people can use over and over we do need to limit the number of coupons that get sent out. So if you would like to try out The Venice Club or if you simply want to go back, just email me asking for your free coupon. I will email you a numbered coupon to take over and present for your discount! The coupon gives you $5 off a $25 meal or $10 off a $50 meal. Full details are on the coupon. Enjoy!

Good Dog

We get a number of questions each year asking us about dogs and insurance. The most common question is what dogs do insurance companies not want to cover. While every company is different, I can tell you almost every company will say no to the following breeds; pit bull, rottweiler, wolf hybrid, akita, chow, presa-canario, shar-pei or dogs with previous bite history. Now, I am a dog lover, below is a picture of my big dumb lovable lab Jake(and son Connor), and I really do believe it is the owner that makes the dog but unfortunately there are a number of bad owners who have ruined things for those good dogs. The second most common question I get is, what happens if my dog bites somebody? The good news is your personal liability from your home, condo or renters policy does cover your dog's actions. Unfortunately, once a dog does bite someone insurance companies get very nervous because if a dog known to have bitten a person bites another person, the damages are double! So make sure you keep your furry family member on a leash or in a fenced in yard to help avoid any potential problems.


So last month I put a trivia question at the end of the newsletter just for fun and got a great response. So I thought I would keep it rolling. While I would have much preferred to have a question about UW or MU making the final four, it wasn't in the cards. But I must admit the NCAA tournament has been interesting this year! Here is the question: Name the mascots of this year's final four teams. Again the first 3 winners will receive a G2 Insurance gift pack. Good Luck!